Bathroom Furniture Helsinki Series

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Bathroom furniture set

Helsinki Series

Our high-quality bathroom set with its perfect design, including an artificial stone washbasin, will give your bathroom a unique, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere! The new CFiONtect coating with "lotus effect", which is applied to the sink, guarantees a long service life with a consistently beautiful appearance!

We also have matching bathtubs in our program !

Product Features

  • pre-assembled cabinets- no annoying assembly with risk of damage - just unpack and hang!
  • thatArtificial stone washbasin made of mineral castinghas a CFiONtect coating with "lotus effect"
  • incl. drain with pop-up closure
  • incl. overflow
  • Cabinet doors with soft close damping(high-quality hinge system of the Blum® brand) - for low noise generation during closing
  • Base cabinet drawerswithfull extensionand onesoft close dampingwithself-closing feature.
  • all furniture elements arecompletely high-gloss lacquered- for a uniform appearance and longer durability
  • all cabinet elements(front, body, shelf and rear wall) are made of glued,lacquered solid wood- thereby optimal moisture resistance
  • Handleless design
  • without fittings (water tap), you can order these separately and individually from us.

Material washbasin

  • Artificial stone washbasin made of mineral casting

Cabinet material

  • Solid wood with high-gloss white lacquering
    In contrast to low-priced bodies made of chipboard or plywood, our furniture is completely made ofsolid woodmade. This wood-based material is a cross-bonded plywood composite made of solid wood, which prevents warping, tearing or swelling of the wood fibres as far as possible due to its special processing.

Dimensions (in cm)

  • Washbasin incl. bottom tap B = 90 / H = 53 / T = 47
  • Side bar B = 35 / H = 120 / T = 30
  • Mirror B = 90 / H = 50 / T = 7
  • Mirror shelf B = 90 / H = 2.5 / T = 11.5


  • High gloss white

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x base cabinet including washbasin
  • 1 x side cabinet
  • 1 x mirror
  • 1 x mirror shelf
  • without fittings (water tap), you can order these separately and individually from us.