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Combination hygienic storage TWL 1079 two heat exchangers with Ökoline-B insulation

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General product description TWL Combi- hygienic storage 90°

With a 90° combi hygiene storage unit you not only conserve resources, but also your wallet. If the heating system and the 90° combination hygiene storage tank are optimally matched to each other, the cash is worth it. Those who use modern storage technology efficiently can effectively save a lot of energy with the right devices.

Space-saving and efficient storage of drinking and heating water

When heating and generating hot water, you can not only save energy but also money with a 90° combination hygienic storage tank: TWL hygienic storage tanks are used in heating systems with integrated DHW heating in the tank. The drinking water heat exchanger is made of high-quality stainless steel - and thanks to its large surface, the stainless steel exchanger guarantees excellent hot water performance. Due to electrochemical corrosion, the heat exchanger is mounted on a flange plate with insulating separation in the tank.

Drinking water quality is a top priority with the TWL 90° combination hygienic storage tank

With the TWL Combi Hygiene Storage 90° you always get real fresh water, which is always heated precisely at the moment you actually need it. The formation of pathogens such as legionella is avoided by the low use of water supply. In contrast to classic drinking water tanks, no anode is required. For this reason, you do not have to bear the usual maintenance costs when purchasing a 90° combination hygienic storage tank.

Technical perfection guarantees optimum heating of drinking water

Thanks to a special design, there is no contact between the stainless steel exchanger and the steel buffer tank. On the top side of the tank there is a flange ring in which the stainless steel heat exchanger for drinking water with flange plate is mounted. Special insulation separations also ensure that the stainless steel of the heat exchanger is not connected to the steel of the buffer tank. This results in the following result: In contrast to other stainless steel exchangers there is no contact corrosion, often the stainless steel exchanger is mounted directly on the steel, which can lead to stress corrosion. The TWL 90° combination hygienic storage tanks are available with a capacity of 500 to 1000 litres. And the perfect insulation ensures excellent insulation values.

Company details:
Nominal volume: 806 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 4.5 bar
Test pressure (PT): 6.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 95°C
Permissible medium: Water
Weight: 251 KG
Material: S235JR+AR
Corrosion protection: inside raw, outside coated
Material thicknesses:
Sheath plate: 2.5 mm
dished heads: 3,0 mm
Stainless steel corrugated tube heat exchanger:
Transmission area: 5.8 m²
capacity: 29,2 l
Permissible pressure (PSI): 10.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 110 °C
Permissible medium: Drinking water
Material: 1.4404
Smooth tube heat exchanger below:
Transmission area: 3.2 m²
capacity: 20,1 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 16.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 110 °C
Permissible medium: water/glowcol
Material: S235JR+AR
Smooth-tube heat exchanger on top:
Transmission area: 2.1 m²
capacity: 13,4 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 16.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 110 °C
Permissible medium: water/glowcol
Material: S235JR+AR
Material: 100 mm Neopor (grey, specially coated polystyrene) and 20 mm polyester fibre fleece
Weight: 18 KG
Diameter without insulation: 790 mm
Diameter with insulation: 910 mm
Height without insulation: 2040 mm
Height with insulation: 2140 mm
Tilting dimension without insulation: 2074 mm
Weight without insulation: 251 kg
Weight with insulation: 269 kg

Scope of delivery

  • TWLTWL 1079 KER combination hygienic storage tank2 1079, 806 litres
  • TWL 120 mm ÖkoLine-B insulation,Insulation consists of 100 mm Neopor(grey, specially coated polystyrene) and20 mm polyester fibre fleece