Corrugated pipe DN 25

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Special stainless steel corrugated pipe DN25 for solar and hot water

Price refers to one meter

up to 1150 meters in one piece available

When ordering simply enter the desired number of meters and pay only once shipping costs

The desired quantity will be delivered in one piece (please specify if different).

Product description:

stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) - optimal for corrugated solar tubes

Size: DN25

Outer diameter: approx. 31.6 mm

Inside diameter: approx. 25.6 mm

Operating pressure: up to 11 bar

Bending radius: 25 mm

Heat area: approx. 0.1 m² / m length

Volume: approx. 0.3 / m

Material thickness: 0.20 mm

Quantity / m: 1 piece