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Solar collector SHC10

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SHC high-performance tube collector with 10 tubes

Our SHC high-performance collectors are equipped with special tubes with a high-quality mirror on the back. This mirror differs from cheap mirrors on the one hand by its size and on the other hand by its material. This mirror reflects the sun's rays onto the back of the tube, even when the sun's angle of incidence is low. This significantly increases the operating area and the vacuum tube supplies considerably more energy to the collector.

Diagram SHC and SPA collectors in direct comparison

If you want to compare our collector with others. So take a look at the Würzburg table. Here you can find standardized values of all collectors with Solar Keymark Certificate. You will find our collector under: Solar Keymark Certificate No. SP SC0055-14.
Here you can view various certificates:


Extract from the Würzburg Table

Collector name Würzburg 25°C Würzburg 50°C Würzburg 75°C
SHC 10 1321 1083 865
SHC 14 1878 1539 1229
SHC 15 2016 1653 1320
SHC 18 2434 1995 1594
SHC 20 2712 2223 1776
SHC 24 3268 2679 2140

All values in kWh

Our mirrors

Our mirrors are not made of conventional aluminium or cheap reflector material, but of a special aluminium composite. As a result, the efficiency of the aperture area is significantly higher than that of our competitors' products. These mirrors have an energy efficiency of 0.4 to approx. 0.5. The CPC mirrors used in our high performance collector achieve a value of 0.66. In addition, the aperture area is increased by the special shape, which offers an optimal reflection area even with unfavorable solar radiation angle.

Our Tubes

Copper coating (ALN/AIN-SS/CU) evaporated: This layer makes it possible that much energy can be absorbed, our tubes are characterized by a high stability and withstand even larger hailstones.

Technical data of our solar collectors in this set:

Vacuum tubes made of borosilicate glass
Length of the vacuum tube: 1800 mm
Outer diameter: 58 mm
Each vacuum tube is coated 3 times (see drawing)
Copper connections on collector 22 mm
Water-glycol content in the collector approx. 0.94 litres
collector housing made of weather-resistant aluminium
Immersion sleeve for temperature sensor available at every collector in the collector
anti-hail device up to 25 mm at 30m/s
Max. permissible operating pressure 10 bar
operating pressure 6 bar
max. stagnation temperature 275,6 °C
(Information from the Intertek report) 131016040GZU-001
Solar Keymark SP SC0055-14

Functionality of the vacuum tubes:

The vacuum tube consists of two glass tubes with different diameters. This is a special glass made from borosilicate. Between the glass tubes there is a vacuum which is necessary to insulate the inner tube (the so-called "heat pipe principle"). In the inner tube there is a copper tube, which in turn is filled with a special liquid that absorbs heat.

The heat of the sun's rays heats the liquid and rises as hot steam to the tip of the copper heating tube. The heat generated in this way is then released in the collector and used to heat the hot water. The collector itself is made of aluminium and is insulated inside with rock wool at high temperatures, so there is hardly any loss of energy. Each vacuum tube is individually connected to the collector as a dry connection. This means that the pipes can be replaced individually without having to drain the liquid out of the system.

Difference between our solar system with ALN/SS/CU coating, systems with AL/N/AL coating and flat collectors.

ALN/AIN-SS/CU - 360° degree copper plating inside the tube

AL/N/AL - 360° aluminium coating inside the tube

Choose one of the best value for money systems available on the market.

Example of installation on the roof