Sensor FKP6 PT1000 (black cable)

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Resol Pt 1000 Temperature sensor FKP 6

Sensors are used to measure certain variables such as temperature and irradiation. To the

measurement of the temperature, platinum sensors are used, which are proportional to the

temperature change their electrical resistance.

The temperature sensors are identified by the third letter of the code in the

Type designation ""P"", e.g. ""FKP"" or ""FRP"", where FK is the heat source sensor

(e.g. collector sensor) and FR the reference sensor (e.g. storage tank sensor). This

Sensor types are technically the same and differ only in terms of the

Connecting cable.

Technical data of the Resol Pt 1000 temperature sensor


Sensor: collector sensor
Line: silicone cable
Temperature range sensor: -50 to 200 °C
Range of application: Collector / storage tank
L1: 45 mm

length: 1,5 m