RESOL V40 volume measuring part 0,6cbm/h

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Product description:

The RESOL V40 is a measuring instrument with contact transmitter for measuring the flow of water or water-glycol mixtures and is used in conjunction with RESOL heat meters. After flowing through a specific volume, the V40 emits a pulse to the heat meter. From these impulses and a measured temperature difference, the RESOL heat meters calculate the heat quantity used on the basis of defined parameters (glycol type, density, heat capacity, etc.).

Single jet impeller for DN20 0,6 m³/h
A Overall length without screw connection 110 mm
Overall length with screw connection 208 mm
C Counter height with pulse generator 108 mm
D Meter height from pipe centre 90 mm
counter width 72 mm
Weight without screw connection 0,7 kg
Horizontal and vertical installation possible