RESOL Interface adapter VBus/ USB

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The VBus®/USB adapter forms the interface between controller and PC. Equipped with a standard mini-USB port, it enables fast transmission, display and archiving of system data as well as parameterization of the controller via the VBus.®. A full version of the special software RESOL ServiceCenter is included in the scope of delivery.

  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • With mini USB B socket
  • Remote parameterization of the controller via VBus®
  • RSC software full version on CD-ROM included

Supply: RESOL VBus®
Data interfaces: VBus® for connection to the controller, Mini-USB-B
Housing: plastic
Protection class: IP 20 / EN 60529
Dimensions: 95 x 70 x 25 mm

How many VBus®-The current consumption of the equipment that can be connected to a controller depends on the sum of its current consumption and the current output of that controller.
appliance Maximum current consumption
Interface adapter VBus®/PWM 6.5 mA
Interface adapter VBus®/USB 6.5 mA
Interface adapter VBus®/LAN 6.5 mA
Datalogger DL2 1.5 mA
Datalogger DL3 VBus® 1-5: 10 mA
VBus® 6: 0.5 mA
Communication module KM1 1.5 mA
Smart Display SDFK 25 mA
Smart Display SD3 17.5 mA
Large display GA3 1 mA
Alarm module AM1 16.5 mA
HKM3 1 mA
STA-W 12 mA
WMZ 35 mA
WMZ G1 35 mA

The VBus® Repeater amplifies the VBus® signal of a controller and provides the connected modules with a total current of 200 mA.