Stainless steel heat exchanger 30 plates

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The plate heat exchanger can be used flexibly. Compact and small construction unit, low weight, high heat transfer performance due to technically mature plate embossing, high operating temperatures and working pressures, stainless steel material ensures good corrosion resistance, easy installation, extremely low maintenance, service-friendly, low-cost mass production unit, low product content.

- Max. Flow rate 22m³/h
- Volume per pass 3.33 litres
- • Connections:
- F1 & F3 1" 25.4 mm according to ISO-G
- F2 & F4 1" 25.4 mm according to ISO-G

Dimensions (mm) 529 mm x 124 mm x 79mm
Temperature range °C -195°C to +225 °C
Volume / Capacity 0.111 l per plate = 3.33 litres
pressure Operating pressure 30 bar*
Flow rate l/min max. 22 cbm/h
Number of plates / max. power 30 / max. 330kW
connectors F1 & F3 1 (25.4mm) (according to ISO-G) F2 & F4 1 (25.4mm) (according to ISO-G)
Effective exchange surface 0.06 qm per panel = approx. 1.80qm
soldering material 99.9% Copper
Plate material / nozzle material Stainless steel AISI 304
circulation F1 -> F3 / F4 -> F2

*As these heat exchangers have not yet been tested according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC, the pressure release for Europe is 0.5 bar until further notice. The above information is provided by the manufacturer.