10 ltr. heat transfer fluid

Item number 40111


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Our heat transfer fluid is an environmentally friendly heat transfer and antifreeze concentrate for vacuum tube collectors and flat plate collectors.It ensures optimum heat transfer of the solar heat into the storage tank and protects the system from deposits and corrosion.

The solar fluid fulfils a number of properties in order to provide a reliable and in the long runoperation of your solar system.

This includes in particular:

- Good corrosion protection for all metal materials
- Efficient heat transfer
- Thermal load capacity
- antifreeze
- Very good compatibility with sealing materials
- Good environmental compatibility
- Biodegradability
- Low toxic properties
- Favourable price/performance ratio
- No hazardous material, no dangerous goods!
- Water hazard class 1


Appearance: clear, red liquid
Frost-resistant to: -28 °C
Boiling point: approx. 106 °C
pH value (at 20°C): 7.5-9.5
Density (at 20°C): 1.039 g/cm³
Viscosity (at 20°C): approx. 9 mm²/s