RESOL VA32 R3/4" 230V/50Hz

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Switch-over motor valve VA32 in 3/4"

Range of application:
The switching valve VA32 is used in solar and heating applications. This allows individual plant components to be switched zonewise and individual apparatuses to be switched on or off as required.
Compact design, pleasing form and modern design, insulated actuator housing. Simple manual adjustment for commissioning or emergency operation. Control possible either via two-point contact or via potential-free changeover contact. The limit switch signal output in valve position can be used for control purposes (max. 1 A). The drive unit can be changed quickly without removing the valve. No flow reduction, full flow according to the respective version of DN20-DN32.


DN 20 DN 25
A ¾" 1"
B 72 90
C 17,5 20,8
D 130,5 133,8
E 54 66

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Technical data

Power consumption:
Relay on, drive running: 9 VA
Relay on, drive stopped: 5 VA
Relay off: 0 VA
Protection class:II (EN60335-1)
Ambient temperature0 °C ... 55 °C
Actuating time:18 s / 90 °
Operating mode:open - closed
Connecting cable:4 x 0.5 mm², L = 1.0 m
Protection class:IP 44 (IEC529)
Angle of attack:90 °
Torque:6 Nm (max. 8 Nm)
Output signal:Phase L, 1 (1) A

Permissible maximum pressure:6 bar
Housing:forging brass
Max. Operating temperature:2 °C ... 110 °C
Torque:6 Nm (max. 8 Nm)
Max. Working temperature:0°C ... 110°C
Max. Working pressure:6 bar
Rotor with axle:brass
Axle seal:4 x O-rings, EPDM
Possibility of motor control:UV-3
To reduce axial friction:PA washer