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Solar cylinder 400 litres WT 2

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Product description:

Solar cylinder in vertical design for central hot water supply. Manufactured according to DIN 4753-1 from enamelled steel with quality certificate. Surfaces in contact with hot water are protected against corrosion by high-quality enamelling and magnesium anode. Tested in accordance with DIN 4753 Parts 1 to 6 to ensure that the hot water only comes into contact with a hygienically perfect surface.The domestic hot water is heated by two spiral smooth tube heat exchangers which work independently of each other and which are connected to an external heat source such as a solar system, heat pump, boiler, etc., or by an optional electric heating rod.

thermal insulation

In the case of storage tanks with a capacity of up to 500 l, the thermal insulation consists of firmly foamed,CFC-free polyurethane rigid foam and removable soft foam jacketwith PVC foil

Memory equipment

Cleaning flange in the front part of the tank, thermometer, sleeves for temperature sensor, thermostat sleeve, GW sleeve 1½ for the electric heating rod.

Technical data
  • Material: ST 37.2
  • Corrosion protection: High-quality enamelling and magnesium anode
  • Maximum operating pressure storage tank: 10 bar
  • Maximum test pressure: 15 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: 95 ºC
  • Insulation: For storage tanks 50 mm polyurethane foam
  • Outer sheath: PVC in grey or orange colour
  • Heat exchanger: steel tube ST 37.2
  • Maximum test pressure pipe coil: 25 bar
  • Recommended heating elements: 1.5; 2; 3; 4.5; 6kW/230V; 7.5kW/400V
  • Flange diameter: for storage tanks up to 500l capacity ø 180mm

For all other dimensions please refer to the product data sheet in the download area.