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Buffer tank TWL 500 Liter 2 WT with Ökoline-C insulation

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General product description TWL 90° buffer storage tank

With a buffer tank you achieve a higher efficiency of your heating and/or solar system, because such a tank is, so to speak, the heart of every heating system. This device is capable of compensating for temperature fluctuations and storing excess heat. Well-insulated storage tanks, for example, relieve the load on a block-type thermal power station and a gas heating system, so that the heating system does not have to start all the time, which has both an energy-saving and life-prolonging effect.

If you heat with renewable energies such as heat pumps, wood heating, pellet heating or solar thermal energy, thebufferThe advantages are even greater, as excess heat can be stored temporarily in the hot water storage tank. For example, you can use the buffer tank in combination with your solar system to conveniently use the heat generated by the sun during the day for heating in the evening.

Who is the 90° buffer storage suitable for?

With the TWL 90° buffer storage tank, the connections are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. If, for example, you own an average detached house, you will need between 800 and 2,000 litres of storage capacity. However, a general answer is not possible in this context, since your decision in favour of aBuffer tank 90°depends on many factors, such as how much space you have to set it up. The advantage of the 90 degree angle is that the memory can easily be placed in a corner and connected.

What aspects should you pay attention to when buying a 90° buffer storage tank?

With such a heat accumulator it is, under many further aspects, decisive that the surplus energy can be stored as long as possible and without larger losses and can be delivered again if necessary fast, whereby a good insulation is necessary with thebuffer90° is particularly important. But also the control is important for such a device, as it ensures an effective cooperation of buffer and heating system. Since there are many criteria to consider even with such a model, you should always contact a specialist company in your individual case who will certainly be happy to help you with the purchase of your new buffer storage tank!

What are the advantages of 90° buffer storage?

With such a buffer storage, heating systems with renewable energies can really unfold their full potential. This is because it is able to absorb the excess heat and store it for days so that you always have hot water at your disposal without having to start up your heating every time. But with a combined heat and power unit, this only runs really economically if you have abufferacquire!

Company details:
Nominal volume: 470 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 4.5 bar
Test pressure (PT): 6.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 95°C
Permissible medium: Water
Weight: 139 KG
Material: S235JR+AR
Corrosion protection: inside raw, outside coated
Material thicknesses:
Sheath plate: 2.5 mm
dished heads: 3,0 mm
Smooth tube heat exchanger below:
Transmission area: 2.1 m²
capacity: 13,1 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 16.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 110 °C
Permissible medium: water/glowcol
Material: S235JR+AR
Smooth-tube heat exchanger on top:
Transmission area: 1.4 m²
capacity: 8,8 l
Permissible pressure (PS): 16.0 bar
Permissible temperature (TS): 0 - 110 °C
Permissible medium: water/glowcol
Material: S235JR+AR
Material: 80 mm Neopor (grey, specially coated polystyrene) and 20 mm polyester fibre fleece
Weight: 12 KG
Diameter without insulation: 650 mm
Diameter with insulation: 850 mm
Height without insulation: 1720 mm
Height with insulation: 1770 mm
Tilting dimension without insulation: 1743 mm
Weight without insulation: 139 kg
Weight with insulation: 151 kg