AFRISO Boiler safety group 3 bar

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- pressure gauge
- air vent
- safety valve
- Insulation

For closed heating systems according to EN 12828 up to an output of 50 kW.

Complete, permanently pre-assembled and leak-tested boiler safety group. Consisting of fitting support, heating manometer for indication of the system pressure, quick vent and diaphragm safety valve MS in a form-fit insulation. Includes self-sealing mounting valves for easy replacement of pressure gauge and air vent.

Boiler connection: G1 female thread

Temperature range: 120C°.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 187x150x60 mm

Insulation: Polystyrene EPS

Valve support: brass

Diaphragm safety valve MS: inlet x outlet - G1/2 x G3/4, seal - PTFE sealing ring twistable, response pressure - 3 bar

Heating manometer: Display range 0/4 bar, diameter 63mm-G3/8rad

Quick air vent: inlet G3/8, nominal pressure 12 bar