Socket set for ratchet socket wrench 1/4" and 1/2" - CRV steel bits with foam insert

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Mephisto tool made of best chrome vanadium steel

The high-quality tool insert consists of flexible foam material.

Dimensions foam insert 52cm x 40cm x 3cm (lxbxh)

This tool set consists of the following tools (Lscope of delivery):

  • Foam insert for tool 52cmx40cmx3cm

  • 24 x 8 mm bits: SL8/10/12, PH3/4, PZ3/4, T40/45/50/55/60/70, H7/8/10/11/12/14, TT40/45/50/55/60/70 with bore hole

  • 48 x 1/4" Bits:SL4/5.5/6.5/7, PH0/1/2/3, PZ0/1/2/3, T8/9/10/15/20/20/25/27/30/40, TT8/9/10/15/20/25/27/30/40 with bore, TS10/15/20/25/27/30/40/45/50 with bore, M8/10/12, H3/4/5/6/7/8

  • 28 x 1/2'' bits: H14*30L*H14, H17*30L*H17/19/22/24, H17*28L*M16 with bore, H10*74L*MP9/M9, H17*74L*M16/T80, H8*114L*T40/45/50, H10*114L*H10/MP10/M10/T55, H12*114L*H11/M12/T60, H14*114L*H13/M14/T70, H8*134L*H5, H8*204L*H7, H8*214L*MP7/8, H8*274L*T30, 1/2"78L*M18

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