Mounting set for drywall 16 X 1/2"

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Press fitting system for multilayer composite pipes


4819 - Mounting set for dry construction

  • 16 X 1/2"


  1. Draw a horizontal line on the wall at the desired height.
  2. Using the supplied template, draw two markings 150 mm apart at the points where the holes are to be drilled.
  3. Drill two Ø60 mm holes, 150 mm apart, into the plasterboard wall using a hole drill.
  4. The pipe must be cut with suitable tools to ensure a precise and vertical cut. Deburr the end of the pipe with the deburrer.
  5. Mount the pipe on the fitting and press it together with a crimping tool (with the contour TH).
  6. Insert the fittings into the slots on the plate and tighten the ring nuts.
  7. Fasten the bracket complete with connections to the plasterboard wall.
  8. Position the holder horizontally and drill the holes with a Ø8 mm drill bit.
  9. Insert the supplied plugs and tighten them until the panel is firmly attached to the wall.
  10. Remove the screws from the plugs.
  11. To complete the installation, apply the final surface.
  12. Install the fitting.

Press fitting system for multilayer composite pipes


TheTiemme high-performance insulated multi-layer composite pipes with "AL-COBRAPEX" can be supplied with compression fittings and press fittings.can be used.

The Al-Cobrapex pipes are multilayer polyethylene pipes with an aluminium core and represent an alternative to metal pipes as well as various plastic pipes normally used in traditional installation systems. The technology of these pipes is based on the use of a metal layer (C = aluminium), which is bonded between two layers of plastic (A = cross-linked polyethylene PE-X) (B = adhesive layer).

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Designed and tested for ease of use with 7 different clamp profilesTIEMME, TH, U, H, B, RF.More info below.

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Simple use with 6 different clamping profiles THIMME, TH, U, H, B, RF

simplified installation instructions

Cut the pipe to the desired length using a suitable tool. The cross-sectional area of the cut must be at right angles to the pipe. Oblique cuts should be avoided. Hand and jig saws as well as blunt tools must not be used for cutting to length.

After cutting to length, the tube end must be calibrated and deburred. To do this, the calibrator is first inserted into the pipe as far as it will go. Deburring is now performed by turning the calibration tool. On the inside of the pipe, material is removed by turning so that a cone is formed on the pipe which facilitates the insertion of the fitting and thus protects the O-ring from damage.

Insert the fitting with appropriate pressure and in axial direction up to the stop on the pipe end. The correct insertion depth can be seen through the control windows of the stainless steel press sleeve. Please do not use any additional lubricants.

Using a suitable pressing tool and a pressing jaw that is dimensionally correct according to the fitting dimensions, carry out the pressing process until the pressing jaw has completely closed and the pressing process is completed.

Please note that you must always use AL-COBRAPEX press fittings and pipes for your installation work.

A DVGW-approved and thus safe, sufficiently tested pipe connection always consists of both components, the pipe and the pressfitting tested with this pipe. If a fitting is processed with a "foreign" pipe, there is no guarantee of tightness and compatibility, as it is an untested and non-approved connection, even if both products are DVGW-approved.

Please note that the installation of all "AL-COBRAPEX" components must be carried out by a technically competent person. The installation must also be documented and stored in a pressure test protocol in accordance with the manufacturer's and legislator's specifications. The detailed installation instructions as well as the print test protocol can be downloaded from our homepage. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the rejection of any warranty claims.

Have fun pressing!