Freestanding mineral cast bathtub KZOAO-1008

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For your new luxury bath you can now freely choose your favourite place. Whether standing at the window or in the middle of the room, our high-quality artificial stone bathtubs with their perfect design will give you a completely new relaxing and soothing bathing pleasure!
The innovative surface guarantees a long service life with a consistently beautiful appearance! Our shiny bathtubs and washbasins, thanks to the unique design inspired by the famous lotus blossom, are a real eye-catcher. CFiONtect technology, with the "lotus effect refined. The dirt does not stick - it is rinsed off with the water.
Our mineral cast tubs consist of a calcium carbonate composite mixture, a main component in marble. Due to this material composition, this product is colourfast, very resilient, break-proof and has a very pleasant warm and soft surface property.
The flawless workmanship and the high-quality material, in a top price-performance ratio, make this tub an eye-catcher in every bathroom. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being and relaxation!

Features & Benefits

  • Good thermal insulation: Due to the low thermal diffusivity of the mineral cast bathtubs, the water temperature lasts longer than with conventional bathtubs.
  • You have a very pleasant surface feel.
  • Cast mineral bathtubs can be easy to clean and even prevent mould growthThe smooth surfaces hardly allow dirt and water to adhere.
  • The bathtub design includes all cables integrated (no visible hoses, etc.).
  • You are easy to repair by regrinding for small damages and scratches.
  • Due to its own weight, the tub is very stable and does not have to be bolted for assembly. If required, the tub can also be fixed with silicone.
  • Timeless design guarantees long lasting pleasure.

equipment features

  • Very high quality workmanship
  • Coating: CFiONtect special glaze with "lotus effect" (with glossy finish)
  • Integrated drain set with pop-up closure - chrome-plated (PUSH Open technology)
  • Including overflow - chrome-plated
  • Height-adjustable screw feet for precise alignment

Dimensions (mm)

  • approx. 190 x 120 x 53 cm (L/W/H)
  • Filling quantity: approx. 320 litres
  • Weight: approx. 225 kg - solid design

Material & Colour

  • cast stone / composite stone / mineral casting
  • White - surface glossy or matt

Scope of delivery

  • artificial stone bath
  • Incl. drain set and overflow
  • Incl. siphon/odour seal
  • Incl. push-up open closure
  • Without fittings
  • For optimum protection of the tub, it is shipped with a sturdy cardboard wooden construction!

The drawings are not true-to-scale representations of the products. Production and product-dependent tolerances are possible. Indication of dimensions in millimetres.