946ml Leisure Time "Bright & Clear"

Item number 295-A


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Bright & Clear clarifier  

Product details:

It is keeping the water clear and prevents small particles floating in the water.  


- Adds the water air bubbles to  

- Helps the filters to work more efficiently  

- Reduces the amount of use disinfectants because small particles are filtered  

- No waiting to use  


Frequency: Weekly  

first Remove the filter  

second Set it to Jets  

3rd Enter 50 gr Spa Bright & amp. Clear directly into the spa  

4th Let it run until the water is clear and bright the Jets a few minutes.  



- At the foam they realize that begins the product to wirken.Es forming larger particles which can easily filter out the filter.  

- Let they run the pump for at least 10 minutes.  

- Use them the product Weekly  


- Works quickly to turn cloudy water into crystal clear water  

- Regular use helps the filters filter out the maximum amount of soil and thus to get the best water quality  

Compatible with:  

- chlorine disinfectants  

- BromDesinfektionsmittel  

- Mineral sanitizer  

- ozone disinfectant  

Content: 946 ml