473ml Leisure Time " Foam Down"

Item number 295-H


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Foam Down™
foam remover

Product information:
A mixture of oil-free, anti-foaming agents which prevent foam in the whirlpool water.


  • Non-oily foam suppressor
  • Specially developed for very warm water
  • Works in all types of disinfected water
  • Flip-top closure for easy application

Frequency: as required

  1. Shake the bottle well before use through
  2. Put about one teaspoon (5 ml) of Foam Down™ directly into the foaming areas
  3. Repeat the application if necessary.


  • Constant foaming in the water can be an indication of another problem.
  • It could also be that the calcium level is too low. If the foam persists after calcium treatment, the water must be replaced.
  • Eventuel the bathing things contain remainders of detergents. Bathing things for the Whirlpool always wash separately with clear water.
  • If the water might not be sufficiently disinfected, increase the disinfection


  • Prevents the emergence of foam longer than comparable products do
  • Very economical in consumption

Compatible with:

  • Chlorine Disinfectants
  • Bromine Disinfectant
  • Mineral Disinfectant
  • Ozone Disinfectant

Content: 473 ml