Aquaspring Whirlpool - 1804

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Exhibit - Pool outdoor whirlpool (215 x 215 x 95) cm

incl. cover and access stairs

for 5 persons!

Model: 1804

In stock and immediately available!


Our high-quality Whrilpools are characterised by a whole set of characteristics, which you as a customer should not do without, in order to have as long and intensive a joy as possible at the outdoor Whrilpool pleasure.

In principle, our pools have the best possible thermal insulation, as heat losses are always a decisive cost factor. In addition, our pools are basically prepared to be connected to a sand filter. Of course, each pool has a standard filter system with an integrated paper filter.

It has also been shown that a Balboa control system is always the optimum solution for regulating and controlling a whirlpool. Our control has a programmable automatic cleaning system as well as an antifreeze program and many other options.

An entrance staircase and a special additionally insulated thermal cover are just as much a part of our basic equipment as an integrated DVD/CD/MP3 system with pop-up loudspeakers that disappear into the SPA.

If you compare the weight of our pools with the pools of other competitors as a small indicator for the equipment in particular the insulation and the acrylic strength, a first difference becomes apparent here.

What should be emphasized in particular is the maintenance and repair friendliness of our pools. The piping of our pools is not only fixed with high quality special whirlpool glue, but also fixed with sound.
The nozzles can be unscrewed easily and thus allow a quick and easy change.

The things described here are certainly only a small outline of what distinguishes our SPA´s, so we are happy to welcome you to our shop-exhibition area in Sinsheim to give you even more positive impressions of our pool.

Product features:

- Water capacity 1150 L
- Weight: 395 kg
- 304 Stainless steel support structure
- 50 water nozzles
- 8 air nozzles
- Balboa Control Panel
- Balboa heating 1 x 3KW
- Circulation pump 1 x 350W
- Pump hydromassage 2x 1,5KW
- Air pump 1 x 400W
- CD ozone disinfection 1 x 50mg/h
- LED surround (24 lights)
- Paper filter (2 pieces)
- Pillow (4 pieces)
- LED illuminated safety handles
- Ventilation grille (2 pieces)
- Drain valve & drain (complete draining)
- whirlpool cover
- FRP Base plate
- apron
- Additional insulation body 5cm
- Additional insulation Floor
- Sand filter connection Piping
- entry stairs
- Aromatherapy (you can buy fragrance cartridges separately from us)
- UV disinfection
- whirlpool cover

Dimensions in cm:

- Outside dimensions L/W/H 215 x 215 x 95
- Weight: approx. 395 kg
- Water capacity 1,150 litres


- the tub of the pool is made of high-quality Aristech acrylic
- Apron and optional accessories such as tables and chairs are made of high-quality, weather-resistant plastic with a wood look.
- the frame of the pool is made of stainless steel


- Acrylic of the tub: pearl white
- Apron: grey
- Cover: grey mottled

Power supply:

- 380V / 50-60Hz max. 33A


Packing dimensions: L/W/H 223 x 98 x 238 cm
Packed in a waterproof fabric cover on edge on a special pallet

* 1 year shortened warranty